Math/stat course equivalents at Five Colleges

This page is a reference for students and advisors at Mount Holyoke who are looking for courses across the Five Colleges that can serve as substitutes for math/stat major courses. Please note that it’s a work in progress and not all equivalent courses are listed.

300-level required classes

The courses below are required by either the math or stat major at Mount Holyoke.

Math 301 Real Analysis

Math majors are required to take a semester of real analysis. Any of these options fulfills the analysis requirement.

  • Math 523H at UMass
  • Math 355 at Amherst College
  • Mth 281 at Smith College

Math 312 Abstract Algebra

At Mount Holyoke, math majors are required to take one semester of abstract algebra, and we offer two options within our department to fulfill this requirement: Math 312GT (a course in group theory) and Math 312RT (a course in ring theory). They can be taken in either order and only one needs to be taken to fulfill the major, but anyone is allowed to take both. At Amherst, one course is offered that combines topics from our two semesters. Smith offers a first course that is primarily group theory, Math 233, and sometimes offers Galois Theory, which covers rings and fields. At UMass, a two semester sequence like ours is offered but Math 411 (group theory) must be taken first. Any of these options fulfills our algebra requirement.

  • Math 411 at UMass
  • Math 350 at Amherst College
  • Mth 233 at Smith College

Math 342 Probability

Stat majors are required to take probability. Any of these are equivalent to our probability and will fulfill that requirement.

  • Stat 315 (formerly Stat 515) at UMass
  • Math/Stat 360 at Amherst College
  • Mth 246 at Smith College

Stat 340 Applied Regression

  • Stat 525 at UMass
  • Stat 495 at Amherst could be counted as a replacement for Stat 340, but it’s not a recommended replacement since it’s a more advanced course, requiring probability and mathematical statistics.

Stat 343 Mathematical Statistics

Stat majors are required to take mathematical statistics. These are equivalent versions of our class. They fulfill the requirement.

  • Stat 516 at UMass
  • Math/Stat 370 at Amherst College
  • Mth 320 at Smith College

200-level required classes

The courses below are required for the math or stat major.

Math 203 Calculus III

  • Math 233 at UMass
  • Math 211 at Amherst College
  • Mth 212 at Smith College

Math 211 Linear Algebra

  • Math 235 at UMass
  • Math 271 or Math 272 at Amherst College are both good replacements. Both feature proofs and applications but each has its own respective emphasis.
  • Mth 211 at Smith College